Fanged Freak Cover Reveal


Fanged Freak, Prequel to “The Runaway’s Secret”

By: Leah D. W.

Release Date: 12/14/2014


Never stop running.
In the 1900’sScottish Highlands, Piper has only that thought in mind as she makes her way from the life of slavery toward what she had imagined as freedom. There is only one thing that keeps her from achieving that dream: she was bitten.
Afraid of hurting others the way she had hurt her best friend, she must either choose to live out her life as a fanged freak…or destroy the breast within her before the change can be completed. She was so close to doing it, so close to attaining her method of redemption.
But then she met him.
Never stop running.
Never look back.
For Piper, it was too late.


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