Wicked Bound Teaser

Teaser from Wicked Bound

By Tiffany Stevens

As I am looking up from being forced onto my knees, I see Viktor walking back and forth in front of Declan. He stand there ready for whatever Viktor gives. He so brave and full of pride. Even though he stands there, anticipating what’s to come, all he’s worried about is me loosing control. To be honest, I’m a little scared myself. Viktor has a sword in his hand. First off we aren’t in the Dark Ages so I’m not sure why he would have this type of weapon. Then again we are talking about Viktor. Viktor looks as if he is having an internal fight. His pace has picked up and he has begun to rub his hand over head continuously with such force that if he continues then surly his hair will soon fall out. This makes me uneasy. Declan must sense it too.

“Whatever happens, promise me you won’t give in.” Realization must have hit him knowing I wouldn’t keep that promise. If I lost Declan again it would be what tipped the scales for me sending me in a spiral spin causing me to loose all sense of control. I think it was just a comfort for him to hear the words more than anything so I lied, “I promise.” I tried to smile to hide the pain from my heart ripping to pieces. I always felt something else brewing. It started from the tips of my toes and worked it’s was up. Viktor’s minions made Declan kneel in front of me. I met his eyes and then I peered across his shoulder to see what Viktor was doing. My heart began to pump so fast I thought it was literally going to burst and my breathing, well I was defiantly breathing. So much in fact that my lungs were on the verge of exploding. I was trying to figure out Viktor’s plan and even though I already knew what he was planning to do, I was hoping I was wrong. Viktor turned to look at me and even though our time was so short surely he had to know that this single act would not only kill me but would seal his own fate in the process. But there was only emptiness there in his eyes. There would be no pleading. It was left up to me. I looked down at the grass and everything flashed before my eyes. Years of growing up and running through the fields of tall grass. Of Declan driving the tractor when he came to work here. I longed for the child in the dream that played through the tall grass as well. It was such a beautiful and meaningful place to have such disaster happen upon it. I squeezed my eyes shut allowing two single tears to fall that I was trying to hold back.

I bet you are wondering what will happen next lol. Tune in next week for the next two paragraphs 🙂

~ Tiffany 🙂


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