Fanged Freak Teaser

Fanged Freak Teaser

By Leah D.W.

Rain pattered down loudly onto my shivering body as I dug into the dark earth. My nails clawed through the soft muck, my pale fingers gripping onto handfuls of mud and throwing it aside without another look at them. A sob escaped my throat when lightning clapped.

Tears blinded me as I kept digging. The hole was slowly forming and being washed slick from the storm above. Taking an armful of mud, my arms quivered and I almost fell into the grave I had created.

I stared down into it as it filled with rain water. It was as black as the sky above and as deep as the pain in my heart. I slowly turned away from the grave to look at the silent body lying behind me. I almost didn’t do it; almost didn’t look into his face wet from the rain and my tears.

His body was washed clean of the muck and blood that had once stained his skin. His eyes were still open, a dull brown flecked in black. I crawled toward Mason’s body and with a trembling hand I brushed the wet hair from his forehead. More tears spilled from my eyes. I gave into my grief, letting in the cold that surrounded me and had it sink icy fangs right into my slow beating heart.

“I did this to you…” my sobs came faster. “Please…please come back!”

His blank eyes kept staring straight up at the crying sky. He didn’t take a breath or let a finger twitch. My Mason was gone and it had been all my fault.


Secret information revealed

In this novella Piper meets a character that was featured in book 1 of The Runaway’s series. Who could it be? Perhaps a handsome fanged freak as well? Or maybe it is an unknown friend?

Find out when Fanged Freak is out!

Due for release in December.

Happy reading bookworms and make sure to read book 1, The Runaway’s Secret, in this awesome vamptastic series.


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