Sandra Bischoff

Work In Progress – Beyond Time



“I can’t believe you’re going to bail on me. I thought we were in this together, to find a way to keep her from Lord what’s-his-face.” Lance took the mare’s lead from the stable boy. He ruffled the kid’s hair and tossed him an apple. “Thanks for the assist, kid.”

The child caught it in his dirty little hands, grinning from ear to ear. “Aye, thank you, my lord!” Before anyone changed their mind and took his prize away, the boy ran from the stables vanishing among the throng of people filling the bailey.

Galahad slapped Lance on the back before dropping onto a vacant hay bale. “Brother, you keep giving every child a prize for doing their job, you will spoil them. We will never get a descent days work out of them.”

“Giving the boy a piece of fruit is not going to spoil him. In fact, he may work harder next time if he gets something in return for his hard work. Take this as a small insight to the way things work in my time.” Lance fixed the blanket on the back of his steed while glaring at Galahad over its back. “And you’re changing the subject.”

“His name is Lord Rimmon and what subject might I be changing?” Galahad removed another apple from the burlap sack next to him. He turned is over and over in his hands smiling. “Do you not think yourself perfectly capable of keeping Elizabeth out of trouble for one afternoon? You truly need me along for the ride?”

“Well, no but,”

“But nothing. The Lady merely wants a few hours of freedom. Just fulfill that wish and I am positive she will be eternally grateful.” Galahad rubbed the apple on his tunic before taking a bite. “If I were you, I would take advantage of this. Talk to her. Find out where her heart truly lies.”

The problem with that, Lance wasn’t completely sure he wanted to know who she held closer to her heart, Galahad or himself. He’d pushed her away once. Would she give him another chance? “And what if it’s you she wants?”

“Christian,” He swallowed the piece of apple in his mouth. “I gave you my word I would not pursue her and I meant it. Lady Elizabeth is to be my sister and I fully welcome that with an open heart.”

Galahad looked over Lance’s shoulder lowering his voice. “Your lady approaches and I must take my leave. Especially if I am to kick your arse in the tournament.” His brother winked and ducked out through the back of the stables.

Lance shook his head. Leave it to his brother to hang him out to dry.



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