Leah D. W.

Work In Progress – Fanged Freak



He rushed forward before I could take another step and clamped a hand around my arm. I pulled against him and that only made him hold onto me tighter. He then tugged and spun me back to face him, where he saw the tears streaming down my flushed cheeks.
“Piper…” his eyes clouded with concern. “Don’t run away.”
“It’s all I can do,” I said, trying not to let out a sob.
“Running away from your problems will never solve them,” he pulled me closer toward him. “What are you so afraid of?”
“Please, let me go,” I whispered.
He didn’t. His thumb wiped at a tear that rolled down my cheek. His touch was so gentle and held such warmth that I wanted to sink against his chest and watch the world melt away.
“Never,” he smiled. “Barns told me about you; about how you are from the castle.”
“Of course he did,”
“We won’t let her hurt you anymore Piper,” Arrow pulled me closer, our faces a breath apart. “You are part of the clan now. We protect each other, no matter what.”
“How can you say that when you know what I am?”
Instead of sinking against his body I stepped away from it. The feel of his breath over my lips disappeared and I shivered from the icy breeze of the night. I could smell rain on the wind; a storm was on its way.
He tucked my hair behind my ear. “You are you.” He smiled.
Something stirred in the pit of my stomach, but I pushed that feeling aside. “I bet you say that to all the freak vampires.”
“Only the pretty ones,”
Our eyes met and he was the one to step forward. He was much taller than me, forcing me to tilt my chin up. Being so close to me, he was making me nervous again. A fluttering started up in my stomach, crashing against my body and sending pin pricks along my arms.
I heard his pulse quicken and the smell of wood smoke increased. That was when he leaned down toward my upturned lips.
I didn’t make him stop. His face was close to mine, the soft hairs from his forehead brushing against my skin. I slightly turned my head to let my cheek brush over his jawline, feeling the hard beginnings of stubble.
His lips brushed over my cheekbone and the fluttering in my stomach turned into a jolt of fire into my heart. I was breathless and the feeling of fire turned to ice like the locket against my throat.
My fangs poked out and my mouth watered as I lowered toward the curve of his neck. My vision shattered into red spots and my nails grew sharply, ready to dig into flesh from my victim if he put up a fight.
“Don’t!” I pushed him away.
Arrow stood taken aback as I bent down to place my head between my knees. I breathed heavily in and out, trying to calm my erratic heart beat and the strange buzzing in my ears. I felt him touch the tops of my shoulders and I pushed him away again.
“Go away Arrow!” I growled deeply.
“Piper, I can help…”
“Just GO!”



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