Bayou Brew Publishing



Monique O’Connor James has a true love of storytelling and is an author who can spin a magnificent tale.

Her enthusiasm for beautiful writing naturally evolved into the desire to help readers discover new talent, and help writers realize their dreams. When Wendy “Lovetiggi” Nielson, and Amy Herzog added their creative genius and innovative ideas to the team, a company dedicated to making the publishing process fun and exciting was born.

     Our company is growing as we strive to create a fun and safe atmosphere for writers and their creative works. Our goal is to always be available for our talented literary family, while helping them share their stories with the world. We are an indie publisher ran by indie authors and promoters.

Our motto is – “We believed we could, so we did” and we believe you can too!


Please visit our website HERE for a complete list of authors and their books. Stalk us on FACEBOOK. We love to hear what you think what we are doing. If you would like to be apart of the review team please go to our FACEBOOK page just for you readers HERE. While you are at it, check out the awesome trailer of some of Bayou Brew’s family HERE.



We are having an open anthology to all authors. Title: Sirens of the Sea – all about mermaids. Deadline for submission entry is January 1, 2014. Announcement of accepted submission February 1, 2014. So come on out and support BBP. We look forward to seeing all the submissions we get. Cannot wait to read your stories. Please submit your story to





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